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As many of our guests will already know, earlier this year Nádas Pihenőpark was enlarged with a thirty-room hotel section (Nádas Tó Park Hotel) so it is able to offer an even wider variety of services to its customers.

In order to continue to live up to our own high standards, we almost constantly develop our services. This is why we decided to enlarge our restaurant, too, and add numerous special dishes, as well as a new and unique design, to its menu.

And right at the beginning of this blog post we wish to thank all our regular and other guests for your contribution: without you we would have not been able to make this leap! And thank you for your patience, too! During the enlargement of the restaurant it was, indeed, needed sometimes and it was very reassuring to see that you tolerated the inconvenience out of an understanding that our motive was a desire to be more, to give more. With the changes now we are capable of catering for the needs of any event, whatever the size, and simultaneously make sure that all individual customers of the hotel and the restaurant are also 100 percent satisfied. We believe that the new layout and design will not only guarantee memorable culinary experiences but fuller comfort, too.

The architecture and interior design of the new restaurant area remains to be characterised by a minimalist clarity. This is to make sure that the atmosphere of the restaurant, as that of the hotel, reflects our proximity to nature, while being characterised by a youthful and modern style.

In addition to the enlargement of the restaurant we are also very proud of the developments our menu has gone through. Besides lots of praise, over the past years we have received many informative comments on how we could please you more with our selection of dishes. In an attempt to make this happen, we have created a larger menu, which will meet the needs of gourmets, too. By combining traditional Hungarian cuisine with modern cooking, we make sure that hearty eaters and gourmets will both find the food that they crave for – food that has been prepared with the highest level of professionalism.

Our selection includes cold and warm starters (Trout from Szilvásvárad with fresh mango and Grilled ’gomolya’ cheese assortment with buttered vegetables), soups (French onion soup in a loaf), pastas (Tagliatelle Verdi with venus mussels), salads (Panko fried shrimp with citrus fresh salad), fish dishes (Salmon tower with hash browns, piquant sour cream, caviar), poultry dishes (Chicken breast rolled with baby spinach and serrano, breaded with strudel crumbs, served with chive mashed potato), as well as unmatched beef and veal dishes (’Tó Park’ steak with your choice of sauces and baked potato), pork dishes (Beer marinated roast knuckle, crashed potato with onion and steamed cabbage), and game dishes. For gourmets we have included a Fine dining section in our menu, which offers further delicacies to choose from, such as Duck breast marinated in poppy-seed liqueur and ravioli filled with thyme pear. The secret of our kitchen lies in a unique combination of everyday ingredients. This philosophy has lead to the birth of the speciality named Sirloin cake with goat cheese, polenta dumplings with dried tomato. Just hearing the name of this dish spoken is guaranteed to make one's mouth water. And we pay due attention to desserts, too: the Home-made creamy dessert with figs is very likely to become the favourite of many.

As at Nádas Pihenőpark we believe in compassion, family bonds, and good spirits, we also find it important to offer the right food for all members of the family, which involves taking into consideration food intolerances. So in creating our new menu we paid extra attention to customers that follow special diets. In order to assist them with their choice, our menu descriptions include information as to which dishes are lactose-free, gluten-free, low-carb, or vegetarian.

Around harvest time it is more relevant than ever to draw attention to our wide selection of wines. Crown your meal with one of the a white, rose, and schiller wines on our wine list and bring your experience to perfection.

Come and check out for yourself what the renewed restaurant of Nádas Pihenőpark has in store for you!

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