Creative and astounding marriage proposal

A wedding is preceded by a marriage proposal, which traditionally involves asking the bride-to-be-'s parents for her hand in marriage. In most countries it is her father to be approached or, if he is no longer alive, either the most senior man in the family or the mother.

Nowadays this tradition is not widely followed. Normally, it is enough for a man to kneel in front of the princess of his heart and ask the question she has most probably wished to hear since she was a little girl. There are no rules carved in stone. The main thing about a proposal is that it should be honest. It may be made in private, in a friendly circle, or even in extraordinary circumstances. It may be either planned and prepared or improvised.

Men who have made up their minds to propose to their sweethearts will find that Nádas Pihenőpark is a perfect venue not only for the wedding but for the proposal, too. And how you should do it? There are many great and better ways, many of which are vividly exemplified on video sharing sites. Below is a selection of some hardly traditional but largely creative approaches, which might give inspiration to those who are contemplating to ask the big question.

Flash mob proposals are now becoming popular in Hungary, too. A flash mob is a large group of people gathering in a place for the purpose of doing some unusual thing with a view to drawing attention to something. There are loads of examples of both successful and unsuccessful, funny and touching flash mob proposals. The one we picked is a showcase of artistic talent and a huge cast being deployed to achieve the goal. This approach is for those who are not shy to perform in public.

A proposal with the help of Harry Potter

If the woman you wish to marry is a Harry Potter fan, you have many options to choose from. There was a guy, for instance, who surprised her girlfriend with a Harry Potter book with a ring hidden inside – at the chapter called The Unbreakable Vow. With all the Harry Potter style jewellery on the market today, nothing can stop you. The Lord of the Rings offers similar possibilities.

Proposal and wedding on the same day

The following marriage proposal was made at Nádas Pihenőpark. A company had been invited to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of them. The birthday party started and then, out of the blue, it turned into a proposal, which was immediately followed by the wedding. Only a few people were aware of the the plan so it was a great big surprise for all, including the bride. Wedding dress, ring, and accessories were all prepared and ready. While the bride put them on the party room was quickly transformed into a wedding venue with all due pomp.

We hope no one will take offence at our showing some videos that are publicly available on video sharing sites. The next one is about a proposal made at a graduation ceremony. It is one of life's greatest presents when you find love during your university years of partying (and, of course, studying) and your love turns out to be meant for life. This is what happened to Gábor, who therefore chose to make his marriage proposal at his graduation ceremony.

Proposal right after a military commissioning ceremony

If you are both sports fans, a sports event might be just the occasion to set the big date. This is exactly what happened at halftime of a Chicago Bulls game: for a few minutes a marriage proposal had all the spotlight.

There is a similar example from Hungary: after a NBI/B basketball game the centre of Eger proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the crowded stadium with a rose in his hand.

How could his proposal have possibly been turned down?

A proposal repeated every day for an entire year

An American guy went to real extremes in an effort to marry the girls he loved: he proposed to her 365 times. He took video recordings of all proposals, starting on January 8th, 2014, and managed to keep it a secret from his love to the very end.

If there is no tractor at hand, you prefer not to wait a year to propose, or you are not that much into sports, you still need not worry. There are many-many fancy ways to make your proposal at the Nádas Pihenőpark, too. Make use of either our Adventure Park, Fishing Lake, Lake Bath, Island, or Restaurant for the purpose. We are happy to provide the venue for any traditional or extreme marriage proposal whether on land, on water, or in the air. It's up to you to pick the place.

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