Adventure park

Adventure park

Try our adventure park for a mighty challenge.

Find a memorable experience.

Our adventure park offers relaxation for everyone, adults and children alike.

The tracks of the adventure park - at 2 different heights - can be completed in an hour and help you overcome your fears and step over extend your boundaries. The sport experience and pride of living up to the challenge, will give you dear and long-lasting memories.

The little ones can also try the adventure park a track, since the beginner track has been adjusted to their height. The higher level ensure real excitement, with maximum safety. Get through these adventures together with your partner or family, or even during a company or family team building program.

Opening hours:

Thursday - Sunday: 2.00 - 4.00 pm

Admission fees:

3 000 HUF / person / 1st hour

Bottom track (for children): 1 500 HUF / person


Adults: 1 500 HUF / hour

For children on the bottom track: 1 000 HUF / hour

Ticket to top track for bottom track ticket holders: 1 500 HUF / person

Please note that the adventure park is available for minimum of 3 persons. In order to book a time slot, please contact us in advance. Our guests are requested to contact Reception to book a times slot.

Come and try!

For further information, please call: +36 21 233 3032

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Declaration of Responsibility

Illustrations of the Adventure Park