Team building events

Want a good team? Need a good venue?

There are points in the life of all companies, large and small, when they seek to organise events, either official or less so. Whether an out-of office meeting, a training session, a conference, or a meeting with partners, the success of the event depends a lot on its venue.

Many business professionals believe that team building events increase both the efficiency of work and the willingness of employees to cooperate and helps identify individuals' strengths, weaknesses, and competences, even ones that were hidden before. This helps strengthen the team spirit, boost competitiveness, and bring employees closer together.

When in the process of planning/organising a team building event, it is worth considering what activities and venue will allow you to make the most of the exercise in order to accomplish the set objectives.

The various activities included in team building and skills development training sessions require a variety of venues. There are indoor team-building exercises, which are organised in an indoor setting different from both the usual office environment and a classroom setting. These are best for activities to improve communication and problem-solving skills. Outdoor team-building exercises usually include various activities, and even skill-based games, which are all organised in an outdoor environment.

Outdoor team-building can be further divided into traditional and extreme team building.

The difference between those two lies mainly in the equipment used for and the competences needed to succeed in the exercises involved. Traditional outdoor team-building normally involves the use of simple items of equipment with the trainer being able to include activities that would be difficult to manage in an indoor setting. A beefed-up version of this is team-building exercises in an extreme environment: an adventure park or other special venue where the participants take part in sports activities requiring bravery and willpower.

How to choose the right venue?

Whatever the programme of your team building event, Nádas Leisure Park will provide a venue and services that ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience and meet all your needs:

Nádas Leisure Park is near Budapest and wild nature at the same time.

Our restaurant and inn provide all the catering, food, and drinks needed, taking into consideration any special requirements (food allergies and sensitivities, etc.) and requests.

A several-hectare-large open area is available for family days with as many as 1 000 participants.

Our 450 sqm Lake Park Hall can accommodate conferences or other corporate events for up to 300 to 400 persons.

The Hall can be separated with a mobile wall, as necessary, into two smaller rooms with a floor area of 280 and 170 sqm respectively.

Our 75 sqm Panorama Room, which can be enlarged to 160 sqm, is the perfect training venue.

The 260 sqm Boat House is another great venue for team-building and other events.

After the scheduled training sessions, these rooms are also fit for all-night-long parties that might follow.

A vast open area is available for any fun competition or other open-air event.

Find recreation and extreme experiences on our 1-hectare Fishing Lake with its piers, small summer houses and park.

In addition, if the season and weather permit, our Lake Bath awaits all with its two 45 m water slides.

Thrill-seekers will find an opportunity to increase their adrenaline level in our Adventure Park, which offers various tough challenges.

The nearby Csévharaszt Nature Reserve is the perfect place to take adventure hikes.

And last but not least, our hotel is capable of accommodating 70 to 90 people, which might come in handy if your company event is more than a day's long.

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